Transporting Your Exotic Car

Exotic Car Image
When it comes to transporting exotic, classic or vintage cars you will need to go with a company that specializes in that area. You will wan this due to the rarity and cost of these cars which can be exotic sports cars, antique, and vintage cars. Most car transport trailers used for safe and efficient moving of classic cars are specifically made for road and weather protection and a smooth trip whether it be long distance or local.

Car transport companies often times hire only experienced drivers who have handled antique and exotic cars. The trailer options for secure classic car transport are usually: enclosed trailers which can house two-car, four-car, and six-cars. The two-car trailer is normally not stackable. The auto transporters are able to deliver door-to-door or to a predetermined location. If the auto is not in running condition, there are no worries as they can still be handled.

When you are searching for an exotic car transport company, ask if exotic, classic and vintage vehicle transport is their main business or a small fraction of their work. Furthermore, research if they contract out transport to other companies or individuals. You need to be certain when you are considering a car transport company that exotic cars are their primary business. To protect your vehicle, be certain they have the maximum insurance coverage on the market. Many car transport businesses will make an itinerary just for you, which gives you more options for scheduling a pick-up and delivery. In addition, during transit of your vehicle, contact is made between dispatch and the drivers via cellular phones. This should be a standard feature to keep the office and you aware of any changes due to weather conditions or roadside problems.

There are exotic car transport companies who provide international vehicle transport for people. These types of car transport companies primary focus is to offer a reliable, proficient service with timely departures from major U.S. ports. In general, you will be given a professional client service person to guarantee the safe handling of your vehicle.

Classic and exotic car moving companies use multiple ways to transport your auto long distances, including enclosed single trailers, flatbed trucks, and enclosed rail service. Your vehicle is more likely to be transported flat and not have the tires fastened by chains. Efficient and careful loading on specially made enclosed trailers with lift gates is the basic method with the majority of classic car transport companies having tie-down methods. These types of procedures offer protection and don't harm your vehicle. Additional options are using airtight and sanitary spaces for easy travel. Custom equipment tailor made to meet your requests is normally available from a simple request.

There should be no problems locating an exotic, antique, or classic car transport office with an experienced team of mechanics and maintenance crew who provide a excellent fleet transport whether it be opened or enclosed to accommodate your needs and funds.