Gilera Nexus 500

Due into Australia soon the sportiest scooter of all time speeds further ahead.

Allen Drysdale
Gilera Nexus, the most motorcycle-inspired scooter on the market, has just got even better. Elegantly racy new styling and new technical content spread its spectacular performances over an even wider range of use.
“A scooter that rides like a bike” is the best way to sum up the Nexus. In 2003, Gilera revolutionised the world of scooters with the Nexus. This 500cc super scooter took a single-cylinder electronic injection engine and added cycle parts that had never been seen before on a scooter — engine fixed firmly to the tubular steel frame, adjustable rear height, a progressive rear shock absorber and a forward-oriented riding position for total control. The result is steering precision and road grip worthy of a supersport bike.The Gilera Nexus thereby created a new class of scooter, suitable for everyday use but capable of offering unrestricted riding pleasure when the road leads out of town into curves and varying surfaces.Nearly three years later, with over 6,000 vehicles sold, the Gilera Nexus has been given a complete makeover. A new fairing and major improvements to the cycle parts make for increased rider comfort, widen the scope of the scooter’s use and make it a pleasure to ride on the daily commute as well as winding out-of-town roads.
DESIGN. The Nexus 500 : Sporty feel and stylish looks
The style changes on the new Gilera range are aimed at emphasising the scooter’s racy feel while improving everyday-use features.
The frontal reveals the gutsy character of the Nexus: the new central air intake, positioned between the headlights to underline the scooter’s aggressive look, is a strong design statement. No fins or unnecessary decoration: just the thinnest of screens, in pure racing tradition. The new Gilera logo, a stylish take on the historic two-ring brand, has been placed just above the air intake. 
The rear view mirrors, now lighter and more minimalist, have been removed from the frontal and placed on the handlebar. Two aerodynamic deflectors have taken their place. Apart from completing the frontal, the deflectors serve to protect the rider’s hands.
The front fairing has been lowered to give the frontal a superbike touch.
The dashboard graphics are totally new and the key instruments have been repositioned for better control of all functions. The new graphics resemble those on a chronometer and red backlighting makes the instruments easier to read.
The turn signals have also been repositioned. They are now located on the side panels in front rather than on the rear view mirrors as on the previous version. This contributes to the overall lightness of the design and is more adapted to the avant-garde new styling of the Gilera Nexus.
The seat is now 25 mm lower, with better styling and an improved riding position. Special attention was paid to the ergonomics to ensure a riding position and set-up that are now optimal for town and sport use, proving that sport riding can be comfortable. A slightly higher handlebar position also ensures increased comfort on tougher rides.
The seat foam is well moulded for a perfect fit. The new seat cover features innovative stitching and new colours. The SP versions in particular have a new cover in micro-drilled material for improved comfort and enhanced style, which the new colours also highlight.
The restyled rear has a new set of lights — white instead of the usual red plastics to add a modern touch in line with the turn signals on the side panels.
Finally, the wheel rims are now painted a sporty Racing Black to round off the eye-catching looks of this astonishing scooter.
The Gilera Nexus 500 can be summed up in a few figures - weight 199 kg, 48 per cent in front and 52 per cent at the rear, moved by a sophisticated single-cylinder 500cc four-stroke, four-valve, liquid-cooled electronic injection engine that delivers over 40 bhp worth of power and anticipates Euro 3 standards on licensed vehicle emissions.
The cycle parts on the Gilera Nexus 500 provide some absolutely original features, starting with a large front fork with 41-mm shafts. The progressive Power Drive rear suspension and Direct Link engine-frame fixing system add overall stiffness.
The leverage on the suspension of the new Nexus 500 has been changed to provide softer progression for increased comfort on any kind of road surface.
The result is progressive suspension that offers plush riding in the first phase of wheel travel, absorbing small bumps more effectively, and gets stiffer at the end of compression.
The same system permits the vehicle’s geometrical set-up to be completely adjustable, unlike any other scooter. The reaction point has a patented length-altering switch as on sport bikes to vary the height of the rear. This makes it possible to personalise the vehicle for type of use and rider preference in just a few seconds and without using any tools.
The front wheel has a 15-inch wheel rim with a 120/70 tyre. The rear tyre is mounted on a 14-inch rim. Both are radial tyres. A superb three-disc linked braking system with Brembo Serie Oro calipers and instrumentation with a trip computer complete the technical set-up of an exceptional scooter that offers unmatched riding pleasure.
Single cylinder MASTER 4 stroke
460 cc
92 mm
69 mm
Compression ratio
10.5: 1
Max power to shaft
40.12 bhp (29.5 KW) at 7,500 rpm
Max torque
42 Nm at 5,750 rpm
Closed loop system with lambda sensor and three-way catalytic converter in exhaust pipe
Valve train
4-valve SOHC, electronic injection
Electronic inductive discharge and variable spark advance in electronic unit with electronic immobilizer, transponder LED and fuel pump shutoff when bike tips over
Wet sump
Liquid with three-way thermostat
Twist and go CVT with torque server
Dry centrifugal type with damping plugs
Double cradle, high-strength steel tube trellis
Front suspension
Telescopic hydraulic fork, Ø 41 mm shafts, 93 mm travel
Rear suspension
Progressive POWER DRIVE, gas shock absorber with spring preload adjustable to 7 positions; 90 mm travel
Braking system
Linked: left brake lever simultaneously activates rear disk and right front disk; right brake lever activates only left front disk
Front brake
Stainless steel double disk, Ø 260 mm, with floating Brembo Serie Oro caliper and two pistons
Rear brake
Stainless steel disk, Ø 240 mm, Brembo Serie Oro caliper and two opposite pistons
Front wheel rim
Die-cast aluminium alloy, 3.50x15”
Rear wheel rim
Die-cast aluminium alloy, 4.50x14”
Front tyre
Tubeless, 120/70-15”
Rear tyre
Tubeless, 160/60-14”
2,100 mm
780 mm
Wheel base
1,515 mm
Seat height
795 mm
Dry weight
199 kg
Fuel tank
15 litres (includes 2.8 litres reserve)
Max speed
160 Km/h
Fuel consumption (ECE 40 cycle)

22 km/l
Consumption at 90 km/h
35 km /l
Meets Euro 3 standards