HUSQVARNA 1000CC CONCEPT AND 2011 SUPERMOTOS – FIRST LOOKHusky shocks EICMA with three-cylinder 1000cc scrambler.

Apparently, Husqvarna never sleeps. First, a completely new line of enduros and motocrossers were shown in Cologne last month. Now, at EICMA, the Italian motorcycle maker unveiled a new family of supermoto machines. But the real Milan show-stopper was a lean, mean concept powered by a 1000cc Triple sporting red camshaft covers.
Styling of this unnamed machine is edgy, with a low seat and an overall look that is reminiscent of a muscled-up drag racer. Actual production is pretty difficult to imagine, but the bike certainly represents a daring attempt to explore new aspects of functionality and styling.
The supermoto line starts with the two-stroke SM 125 and extends through the lean-looking, sharply styled SMR 449, 511 and 630—all of which are powered by the company’s new four-stroke Single. This dohc, four-valve powerplant has been revised for superior supermoto performance.
Husqvarna was tight-lipped about horsepower and torque figures for both the 449 and 511; actual displacement for the latter is 477cc. The two bikes use identical chassis, each with a massive Marzocchi fork with 25.0 degrees of rake and a mere 3.4 inches of trail, and a 57.5-inch wheelbase.
The SMR 630 (updated just a year ago) is an all-new bike that is powered by a 600cc engine that replaces the previous 610 that in reality displaced 576cc. The new engine delivers 20 percent more power and torque, soaring to a claimed 80 hp and 42.8 ft.-lb. Dry weight is a claimed 260 pounds.