Most concept bikes at the Tokyo Motor Show are definitely just that: concepts that are probably years from production, if ever. However, we might have said the same about the B-King in 2001; now that bike is a reality, Transformers-inspired styling and all.
This is the Suzuki Biplane, penned at Suzuki’s recently re-opened U.S. design center. Suzuki’s goal was to give the rider the sensation of flying in a vintage biplane with no canopy, a distilled, in-the-wind riding experience. It (conceptually) uses a V-Four motor, with cylinder heads and exhaust headers visible on the sides, just like the fabric-skinned twin-wingers of the last century. The front end gets a girder fork (kinda like the Confederate Wraith) and rim-mounted brake discs (a la Buell XB). The exhaust is tucked in underneath the cowling, and the link-type rear suspension can be seen under the tractor-style seat.
Will we see a V-Four motor in a stylish roadster from Big S anytime soon? We’ll keep you posted.