Bombardier TrailTrike Concept

Bombardier TrailTrike

The Bombardier TrailTrike Concept is the work of Charles Bombardier, the same Canadian engineering and vehicle design guru who oversaw the development of the BRP Can-Am Spyder. While working on the road-going Can-Am Spyder, he also imagined what an off-road version might look like. However it hasn’t been until now that those visions have been realised in the form of a number of design sketches.
The TrailTrike concept features the same reverse tricycle layout as the Can-Am Spyder, but that’s about where the similarities end. It’s much lighter than its road-going counterpart, and naturally features significantly greater suspension travel. The proposed drivetrain of the TrailTrike is a 2-stroke E-TEC engine equipped with two output shafts, one providing power to the front wheels, and the other transmitting power to the solitary rear wheel. The transmission is a CVT unit.
In order to help the rider stay securely mounted, the TrailTrike features a “carving seat” which leans during cornering helping the rider shift their weight to the inside of the corner. An intelligent stability system can be programmed for either on or off-road use.