2008 Audi RS6

Current Audi A6 has been on sale for almost two years now, but we’re still at least a year away from the release of the potent Audi RS6 super-sedan and Avant. Originally thought to debut at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show, latest reports suggest that its release date has been pushed back to June next year.

The BMW M5 and Mercedes E63 have already proven there potential in both the sales race and on the track, but we’re still waiting to see what Audi can do to topple the former Audi RS6. Commonly referred to as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the original RS6 sedan was chosen by many motoring mags as the pick of the bunch over the BMW and Mercedes competition.

Spotted on numerous occasions undergoing final testing at Germany’s Nürburgring, often with an M5 in tow, the next RS6 is rumored to feature the same 5.2L V10 from the S6 but with a turbocharger bolted on for extra kick. Early estimates put its output in the vicinity of 520-550bhp, enough to give it a significant power advantage over its rivals.