A5 Sportback to herald new shape for Audi

A5 Sportback
Audi is likely to extend the body style of the new A5 Sportback further across its range, according to product manager Henry Williams.
2010 audi a5 sportback

2010 audi a5 sportback

“This is a new shape of car for the Sportback name,” said Williams. Currently the only Audi to bear the Sportback title is the five-door version of the lower medium A3, which is more estate-like in looks.

“This shape could make its way to the A3,” said Williams. “This could potentially see the end for the current A3 Sportback shape.”

Williams said this change in focus is down to customer demand. He claimed that customers are moving away from saloons and estate body styles, and are starting to favour the practicality and looks of hatchbacks.

Williams refused to confirm or deny whether another, larger Sportback model is due to arrive soon. However, he pointed to fact that Audi showed off an A7 Sportback concept at the Detroit motor show in January this year. This concept, which claimed emissions of just 156g/km from its 3.0-litre diesel, is predicted to go into production in 2010.

This would give Audi a rival to the 5-series GT that BMW is releasing in October this year.