Audi preparing lightweight, track-focused R8 V10?


First came the R8. Then came the race-spec R8 LMS. Then the V10-powered R8 5.2 FSI, with the roadster version waiting in the wings. The diesel version may have been canceled, but now Audi is said to be working on a light-weight, track-focused version of its flagship supercar.

Test mules for what is believed to be the so-called R8 Sport have been seen lapping the Nürburgring (where else?) with some subtle visual cues to its orientation. With a fixed rear wing and mildly revised ground effects, the lion's share of the modifications would be made under the skin where Audi is tipped to have removed luxuries like the stereo and air-con. A modified exhaust could add a few extra horses while the bulk of improvements to the car's power-to-weight ratio would be borne from the weight reduction.

Although Audi could draw inspiration from the new LP550 Valentino Balboni and jettison the all-wheel-drive system to save weight, following the previous Gallardo Superleggera's formula by keeping it in place would seem more in character for the automaker that staked its claim on Quattro.