Automotive Design Audi Q7

2009 AVUS PERFORMANCE Audi Q7The Q7 is the latest addition to the Audi family and PPI Automotive Design from Stuttgart, Germany has been hard at work redesigning this vehicle for it’s customers. The result is the PPI PS Q7.
The kit comprises of a lift-reducing front spoiler, side sills, an entirely new rear apron, roof spoiler for enhanced stability at high speeds and under heavy braking. All products can be fitted at any Audi dealer.

Front Bumper
The PPI PS Q7® front bumper spoiler looks great with its strikingly styled large air inlets. It features two dedicated fog lamp and optional, two additional high beams, and its refined shape reduces lift on the front axles at high speeds. The center of the bumper has a prominent Matte Carbon Fiber Splitter, that understates the aggressiveness and sportiness of this vehicle.

Side Sills
The PPI PS Q7® side sills form a harmonious transition between front and rear Bumpers and accentuate the sporty yet serious purpose of this vehicle. The leading edge of the side sills have a vent to purge air build-up in the front wheel wells, thereby further increasing stability.

Rear Bumper
The PPI PS Q7® rear apron features custom cutouts for the 4 pipe stainless-steel PPI sport exhaust system. An integrated diffuser helps reduce lift on the rear axle and also increases directional stability. Also, integrated into the rear bumper are Air-Channels that act to purge air from the underside of the vehicle, further reducing lift on the rear axle. An optional Matte Carbon Fiber Diffuser (also available in aluminum finish) can be fitted to the vehicle as well.

Rear Spoiler
The PPI roof spoiler not only enhances the look of the PPI PS Q7®, but also acts to keep this 2.5 ton vehicle stable at high speeds and under heavy braking.

Tire and Wheel upgrades
The PPI PS Q7® is fitted with king-size 10Jx22 one-piece PPI Formula light-alloy wheels all around. The Michelin® 4x4 Diamaris® tires in size 295/30 ZR 22 XL on front and rear axles are approved on the Q7 for speeds up 300 km/h.

Other Body Modifications and Custom Trim Pieces
PPI Automotive Design further refines the Q7 body with headlight moldings, mirror moldings, and door handle trim pieces each available in carbon fiber or aluminum finish. A PPI rear center lens that connects the two tail lamps together and gives the vehicle the unique PPI Identity. This piece is available as a Red Lense with the PPI Logo behind it, in aluminum finish or matte carbon fiber, with PPI lettering protruding from it. Finishing touches are the PPI front and rear badges available in Aluminum, Chrome, or Matte Carbon Fiber and PS Q7 badging in Matte Carbon Fiber.

The PPI PS Q7® body conversion offers optimal conditions for powerful engine tuning. There are two performance kits available for the Q7.

Stage I - Gasoline: The PPI Performance Kit stage I increase power output of the naturally aspirated 4.2L V8 engine to 420 hp / 420 PS / 309 kW The PPI tuning further improves the performance of the Q7: Sprint time from 0 - 100 km/h is shortened to just under 6 seconds, top speed increases to 365 km/h. PPI sport exhaust system, A newly programmed Motronic and a sport air filter complete this tuning level.

Stage I – Diesel: The PPI Performance Kit stage I increase power output of all Diesel engines available for the Q7, coupled with the PPI Sport exhaust system is a newly programmed Motronic unit. These in combination with our air delivery system will greatly improve the engine response and power output of the Diesel motor.

Stage II - Gasoline: The PPI engine department is hard at work developing an even more powerful version of this 4.2L V8. The PPI Performance Kit stage II will consist of superchargers. Power increases to 600 hp / 600 PS / 447 kW

Exhaust : Better sound and better looks for all Audi Q7 models offers the fully stainless-steel PPI sport exhaust system. The exhaust system can also be fitted with optional black chrome-plated PPI tailpipes.

Brake and Suspension System
PPI Automotive Design also extensively modifies the suspension of the Q7. For vehicles equipped with air suspension there is the PPI sport module, which can lower the ride height of the SUV for on-road operations by up to 40 millimeter. For tough off-road use the ride height can be increased by up to 70 millimeters.

Interior enhancements
PPI Automotive Design can also refine the Q7 interior with many materials, including leather, alcantara, carbon fiber, aluminum, Kevlar, and the newly developed carbon-fiber etched leather. The options for interior of the Audi Q7 range from exclusive cockpit accessories to the completion of the leather interior available ex-factory to an entirely new individual PPI fully leathered interior to suit any of our customer’s tastes. The options are limited only by our clients’ imaginations. Also available is a stylishly integrated state-of-the-art multimedia system with monitors integrated into the rear headrests.