Audi launches top-of-the-range model

Audi's product offensive resumed yesterday with the launch of their top-of-the-range R8 V10 at the Changi Exhibition Centre.

Accompanying the main lead were two other stars in Audi's performance range - the new S4 and the S3 Sportback.

prospects were invited over the span of two days - yesterday and today - for a driving experience in the R8 V10 and the S4 with its optional sport differential.

Under the watchful eyes of two Audi instructors who flew in from the US - Mr Stephan Verdier and Emile Bouret - guests will be able to safely send the machines around a slalom course.

As mentioned earlier in our R8 exclusive, the supercar boasts some beautiful numbers. The ten-cylindered iteration of the R8 comes with 525 horses - 105 more than the R8 V8. The naturally aspirated engine is capable of 530Nm of torque, which will take you from 0 - 100km in the wink of 3.9 seconds, 0.7 second faster than the R8 V8.

The R8 V10 will also set you back by a cool $648,888. No matter the price, Audi kindly threw us the keys to the R8 V10 for a short preview.

Audi divvied Changi Exhibition Centre into two parts - one for the R8 V10 and one for the S4.

We could hear tyres screeching constantly over at the side where the S4s were. Oddly enough it was quiet over at the R8s' side. It was almost a non-event to watch the R8s go around the slalom.

But once we were strapped into the cockpit, suffice to say we started singing a different tune.

The Audi easily slurped up the tarmac ahead. It never looked this fast from the outside.

To make the sub-four seconds century sprint possible, the dry-sump motor charges out 100.9bhp per litre of displacement with a power-to-weight ratio of 3.1 kilogramme per bhp. Which was then made possible by Audi's Space Frame design. As a result, the car weighs a grand total of 1,620 kilogrammes.