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For modified cars and tuning cars This Web site is not just dedicated to building pimped out cars and custom cars, but to building and tuning fast modified street cars and even faster modified race cars. will provide you with all the information about modified cars, car customization and car modifications that will help you build really fast modified cars for street use or for track racing. Our aim is to help you modify your car and its engine for maximum horse power by providing you with all the information, tips and advice you would need to select and fit the correct high performance auto parts for your car modification project. It doesn't matter whether you want to build really cool custom cars, really fast modified race cars or even cool modified street cars, we will provide you with the information you need.

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Information about engine tuning and car modification can become quite technical, but we bring you this information in plain English. We make the information as easy to understand as possible so that even the novice can learn about car tuning and how to increase engine power. We also guide you through engine tuning, performance tuning and car modifications for all makes of cars, including BMW, Honda, Ford, Nissan, and much more, with detailed, step by step tuning tips.

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We discuss various techniques of car modifications and the different car tuning methods you can use to increase engine power, maximize car performance, and build great modified cars.
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