Just when we thought Honda was asleep at the wheel—while the European motorcycle industry continues to innovate—Big Red surprises with a handful of new concept bikes. At least one of them looks to have a realistic shot at production. Honda’s theme for the 42nd annual Tokyo Motor Show this past December was, “What makes people feel good?” Its focus was displaying exciting and fun vehicles of the future that are also a practical means of transportation.
Honda RC-E (pictured above)
Amongst the variety of vehicles were electric cars, future commuters of all shapes, sizes and wheel counts, and then perhaps the coolest-looking electric motorcycle we’ve ever laid our eyes on, the RC-E. As we went to press, we were unable to pry any additional information from the U.S. branch of the company’s P.R. department, but judging by its topshelf components, this eRacer is focused on the business of winning races, not the morning commute. TTX-GP contender?
Honda CRF250L: Next-Generation Hondas - Feature
Honda CRF250L
On the other end of the spectrum is Honda’s CRF250L street-legal dual-sport concept, which, according to the short press release, is referred to as a “planned production model.” When we asked Honda’s U.S. press representatives about this bike, they said they are keeping their fingers crossed that it will come here in the near future. So are we.
Honda Motor Compo: Next-Generation Hondas - Feature
Motor Compo
Also on display were next-generation electric concept models, bikes like this Motor Compo designed for easy mobility in our cities of the future. Intra-office flat-track, anyone?