Wakan’s next chapter in the blending of American V-Twin power with a French-designed chassis is the Track Racer. Built as one of 50 bikes to commemorate S&S Cycle’s 50th Anniversary, this machine isn’t so much a one-off design as it is a prototype.
While similar to the Roadster, the Racer features a 100-cubic-inch S&S SB100 engine (good for more than 115 hp and 115 ft.-lb. of torque), with high-compression (11.0:1) pistons, a reworked oil pump and larger pushrod tubes for better oil scavenging. Chassis highlights include a 46mm Ceriani fork (set at 22 degrees with 3.15 inches of trail), Marchesini wheels and a single AJP six-piston caliper squeezing a 340mm disc at the front. Unlike the Roadster, the Racer features a swoopy half-fairing with ram-air intake.Wakan principal Joel Domergue is currently seeking a U.S.-based partner to build a limited annual run of S&S-powered motorcycles. If he succeeds, expect the bike to carry a price tag of around $35,000.