Alfa Romeo Feroce concept – Don’t get it angry

Alfa Romeo Feroce concept
If the Alfa Romeo 4C is a graceful, world-class ballerina, then the Alfa Romeo Feroce concept is its steroid-ingesting, bitter-for-no-reason, amateur boxing champion, unemployed cousin.The name Feroce is perfectly suited to the car, meaning “Ferocious” in Italian. It is an electrically powered vehicle dreamt up by Yerzhan Ryskaliyev from Kazakhstan.
The Feroce concept was partially inspired by two very different Alfa Romeos. The low slung 33 Stradale sports car, and the more hooliganish GTA 1300 Junior. In Ryskaliyev’s own words; “I wanted to create a real beast with an Alfa Romeo spirit.”

Mission accomplished. It isn’t beautiful or sleek. But then neither was the GTA. And that beast part… Nailed it.
The Alfa Romeo Feroce has been designed to work with the 8c competizione’s platform. Which – if it were real – would place it in the supercar price bracket.
An unspecifed electric drivetrain is the proposed power source of the concept.