Best Gas Mileage Cars

What are the best gas mileage cars?

Fuel-efficient vehicles are a growing trend as gas prices around the world continue to rise. The best gas mileage cars help save you substantial amounts of money at the gas pump, and also help foster a healthier environment by cutting down on pollution. Although electric, plug-in hybrid and alternative-fuel cars are gaining in popularity, gasoline-engined cars are still by far the most used cars on the road today. This list therefore excludes electric cars and plug-in hybrids, and looks exclusively at gas-powered vehicles and normal hybrid vehicles (ones that you don’t have to plug in to charge up). The list covers the top ten fuel-efficient cars in the world today, counting down to number one. All the gas mileage ratings are based on figures from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

10. Toyota Camry Hybrid LE

Cost: From $26,330
Gas mileage (mpg): 43 city/39 highway/41 combined
The Toyota Camry Hybrid LE, one of the best gas mileage cars
Toyota Camry Hybrid LE
The 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE is a handsome, roomy, luxurious ride. It comes with four doors and is designed in a sleek wedge shape, with artful front and rear detailing, modern grilles, and spacious hip and leg room in both the front seat and back seats. It has a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder gas/electric hybrid CVT engine, and a two-speed continually variable transmission (CVT) with overdrive. The 2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE has good acceleration, with a 0-60-mph time of 7.4 seconds, and 13.1 cubic feet truck space. It also has remote keyless entry, a moonroof, soft leather interior with wood grain accents, and a rear parking camera, Etune entertainment system with a 6.1in video display, and heated front seats.

9. Toyota Prius V

Cost: From $26,750
Gas mileage (mpg): 44 city/40 highway/42 combined
Toyota Prius V
Toyota Prius V
The Prius V is Toyota’s spacious four-door wagon-like version of the popular Prius. While not as fuel efficient as some of the other Prius models, it is still one of the best gas mileage cars on the road today. The Toyota Prius V has a 98-horsepower, 1.8-liter four-cylinder gas engine coupled with a pair of electric motor-generators. It is longer and higher than other hybrids with 34.3cu/ft of cargo space, including smaller storage compartments, making it perfect for families. It is available in eight different colors and features a vertical liftgate, Entune entertainment system, seven airbags and a restraint system for children. It also comes with a smart keyless entry system, specially engineered seats to prevent whiplash injuries, hillstart assist, and a rear camera. Several different versions are available.

8. Lexus CT 200h

Cost: From $32,050
Gas mileage (mpg): 43 city/40 highway/42 combined
Lexus CT 200h, one of the best gas mileage cars available
Lexus CT 200h
The luxurious Lexus CT 200h is a four-door hatchback, with a 98hp 1.8-liter inline-4 regular gas engine, and an electric hybrid-drive motor. The CT 200h features a dynamic design with a bold grille, sculpted headlamps and rear window, and is available in a series of exclusive Lexus colors. The CT provides over 30 cubic feet of room and can handle cargo of varied shapes. It also features sport-tuned suspension, a Pre-Collision System to help prevent crashes, a Lexus Enform App Suite, optional bamboo dash panels, and navigational system.

7. Honda Insight

Cost: From$18,725
Gas mileage (mpg): 41 city/44 highway/42mpg combined
The Honda Insight, one of the most fuel efficient cars
The Honda Insight
Type: hatchback hybrid; Gas/Electric 1.3 L/82
Model: 4 door CVT models
The Honda Insight is a hybrid hatchback, offers an inline 4-cylinder engine and electric motor, producing 98hp. The Insight has lots of leg, arm, and head room. It features comfortable soft cloth seats and can accommodate five passengers. It is available in five different colors and comes with keyless entry, brake assist, an advanced entertainment system, five air bags and 15.9cu/ft of cargo volume.

6. Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid

Cost: From $27,645
Gas mileage (mpg): 42city/48 highway/45 combined
The fuel-efficient Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
The Volkswagen Jetty Hybrid is the most powerful car on this list. It is the first passenger car of its type in the US, offering a 1.4liter four cylinder turbocharged engine pumping out up to 170hp when the gas and electric motors are working together. It is a four-door sedan with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, and a litium-ion battery pack with electric motor. It is a sleek, aerodynamic gas and electric, fuel-efficient driving machine and comes with rear-view camera, keyless entry, 15.5cu/ft of cargo space, Bluetooth system, iPod interface, and 5 air bags. Several different versions are available.

5. Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Cost: From $36,190
Gas mileage (mpg): 45 city/45 highway/45 combined
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid is the most fuel-efficient luxury sedan on the market. It features a 141hp, 2.0-liter Atkin-Cycle inline-4 hybrid engine, with electronic CVT transmission. It features a lot of gadgetry that some of the other cars on this list don’t have, including a suite of sensors that monitors and adjusts the suspension, body motions, steering, and braking. It also has heated 10-way power adjustable front seats encased in beautiful rich, smooth leather, heated rear seats, Bluetooth, retractable roof, and inflatable rear seat belts — combining seat belts and airbags — for added safety.

4. Honda Accord Hybrid

Cost: From $29,155
Gas mileage (mpg): 50 city/45 highway/47 combined
The Honda Accord Hybrid
The Honda Accord Hybrid
The Honda Accord Hybrid is a four-door mid-size sedan, with a 2.0liter 4-cylinder CVT hybrid engine.The latest model has larger side windows to improve visibility, and it also has several automatic driving control features. It can go up to 70 mph with the gas engine turned off, and features several luxury elements including a 10-way power driver’s seat, remote smart key entry, Bluetooth system and touch-screen display, rear-view camera with blind spot display, lane departure and forward collision warning, soft leather seats, and a moonroof

3. Ford Fusion Hybrid

Cost: From $26,270
Gas mileage (mpg): 47 city/47 highway/47 combined
Ford Fusion Hybrid, a good gas mileage car
Ford Fusion Hybrid
The Ford Fusion Hybrid has 2.0liter EcoBoost gas engine which delivers 141 horsepower and 129 lb/ft of torque. The electric motor alone boasts 118 horsepower and 177 lb/ft of torque, while combined the system output is 188 horsepower, pushing the car from 0-60mph in around 7.3 seconds. The Fusion Hybrid has CVT transmission, sleek and racy design, a bold grille, and is available in a range of light and dark colors. It is quality fuel efficient vehicles and comes with laser-cut headlamps and LED tail lamps. Other extras include a hands-free Bluetooth phone system, voice-activated music search, audible text messages, personalized news, weather and sports, 911 Assist, a vehicle health report, auto start and stop, a parking assist sytem, leather trimmed seats, heated front seats, and colorful ambient internal lighting.

2. Toyota Prius C

Cost: From $19,080
Gas mileage (mpg): 53 city/46 highway/50 combined
Toyota Prius C
Toyota Prius C
The Toyota Prius C is, along with the Toyota Prius below, the best gas mileage car on the road. The Prius C is the sportiest and the most affordable Toyota hybrid, and as it is a hatchback it is perfect for city dwellers. The Prius C has the same fuel efficiency as the normal Prius, with a 1.5 liter engine and electric motor, providing a combined 73hp and 82 lb/ft of torque. Its external engineering consists of a rounded, swept-back nose and smooth sides, and a vertical tail. It is designed with a long roof spoiler to reduce fuel-wasting wind turbulence at speed. It also comes with stability and traction control, electronic brake force distribution, smart stop technology, nine airbags and a moon roof. Other additions include an Entune audio system, Bluetooth, a 6.1 touch screen display, AM/FM CD player, fabric trimmed, heated seating and a fold down rear seat, plus keyless, illuminated entry

1. Toyota Prius

Cost: From $24,200
Gas mileage (mpg): 51 city/48 highway/50 combined
Toyota Prius, the best gas mileage car
The Toyota Prius
The 2014 Prius is the best-selling, most technologically advanced and fuel-efficient hybrid. It offers owners three driving modes: Completely electric mode; ECO (which manages throttle input and climate control); and POWER (which adds revving power) experience. The Prius contains plenty of cargo space, and has a rear-view camera and lane departure system, a parking assist system, and keyless, illuminated entry. It is available in seven different colors, and comes with soft faux leather, heated front seats with lumbar support, a USB port, Bluetooth phone system, solar moon roof, Entune audio system, and a 6.1in display panel. From 2014 going forward, Toyota is planning to make all Prius vehicles plug-in cars, which means owners will be able to recharge their batteries using electricity from the grid. This is being done to improve the Prius’s fuel economy and to make them more cost effective to drivers.
We have also put together a list of the best electric cars as well as one on the best best hybrid cars. The fuel efficiency ratings in this article are all based on figures from the US Environmental Protection Agency.