OVER Brutus Off-Road Motorcycle

OVER Brutus Motorcycle

Despite the fact there are dozens of niche cars on the market today, there are still only a handful of motorcycles which defy the traditional two-wheeler categories. However one of the bikes which was displayed at this year’s EICMA motorcycle show swells the ranks of the unusual motorcycle brigade by, well, one.
Designed by Alessandro Tartarini, son of the founder of Italian motorcycle-maker Italjet, the OVER Brutus is a kind of fugly, chunky off-roader which looks more like a movie prop than a functional vehicle. Hidden behind the numerous protective scuff plates is a 750cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine which produces 45 horsepower. This is connected to a CVT transmission which can be optionally equipped with both reverse and low gears. Of course the wheels and tires of the Brutus are one of the most remarkable things about the bike. They are in fact 14-inch rims shod with Maxxis Bighorn tires. Tires normally reserved for ATVs.

If the odd styling and super-wide knobbly tires aren’t crazy enough for you. Then you’ll be happy to hear the bike will be offered with both a sidecar and a snow ski kit as accessories.
The OVER Brutus will arrive on the market by the spring of 2013. Prices are yet to be announced.